Slender: The Arrival 1.13

Creepy survival video game that was introduced in 2013

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7

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The appeal of Slender: The Arrival is based on its minimalist approach to a modern horror game. It relies heavily upon slow-building and ominous tension, allowing the player's imagination to take over and add to the experience. The game itself is a sequel to the 2012 game, Slender, which enjoyed a lot of buzz and popularity despite its low budget and humble beginnings.

Rather than focusing on story continuity from the original to the sequel, the developer built upon the original title by adding much more content using a larger budget. While it is still not as long as most triple-A titles released lately, it is a more polished game than its predecessor in every way.

As before, the game focuses on the lore of the Slender Man. He is an intriguingly mysterious and terrifying man who endlessly stalks the player. The story unfolds as the player collects items and attempts to avoid the eerie presence of the Slender Man. Adding replay value, players can repeat parts of the game in an effort to beat their best times. And since the game is available on Valve's Steam platform, it includes digital trading cards that players can collect.

The best experience is obtained when the game is played in a dark environment with a pair of quality headphones. This allows the player to be fully engrossed in the atmosphere and tension, experiencing the maximum possible effects the game has to offer.


The developers have done a great job with the creepy atmosphere.

Offers a much deeper story line than the original game.

Much larger in scope than the original, with many more areas to explore.


May seem lo-fi to players who are expecting a horror title that is heavy on special effects.

While larger than the original, this version still seems short in relation to other similar titles.

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